5 Offensive USB Flash Drives

To be honest we find most of these USB flash drives to be at least slightly amusing; but as we all know, one of the beautiful things about human beings is our ability to disagree on matters such as humour, and as a result all of the following gadgets are likely to offend at least a couple of thousand people.

Should you be extremely sensitive, or even at work, we advise you not to scroll further than USB drive number three.

1.The USB Tampon Drive

USB Tampon Drive

Image Source: Meninos

According to this fantastic device’s creators over at Meninos, the tampon flash drive is ‘Coming Soon’ and as such is yet to have a price attached. The tampon will come in three sizes depending on the severity of your ‘data flow’ – 1, 8 and 16GB – and I would imagine it advisable to keep the device away from your regular tampons so as to reduce the risk of a mix-up.

2. The USB Fur Drive

USB Fur Drive

Image Source: Maginhild Disington

Magnhild Disington is the brainchild behind the fur-bound USB drive seen above, created as part of a collection called The Modern Amulet. The Danish designer’s drives look fantastically decadent, and Disington says of the devices: ‘With The Modern Amulet I have tried to balance the emotional value between the information we carry and the objects we use to carry them’. Interesting, but not likely to stop the cries of animal rights protestors when they realise the sticks are covered in real fur. It can’t be long ’til Peta-bytes. Ahem.

3. The USB Fetus Drive

USB Fetus Drive

Image Source: Instructables

According to the Fetus Drive’s father – Doctor What – this peculiar and undoubtedly controversial design came about, in part, due to his being ‘enthralled with the fetus shape and pattern’ for some time. Fair enough. Dr. What subsequently decided to share the creative process behind the birth of the drive and as a result you can now make one of your own by reading the guide here.

4. The USB Penis Drive

USB Penis Drive

Image Source: Teeny Weeny Drive

There isn’t much to say about this apart from the blatantly obvious: it’s a USB drive encased in a fake rubber penis. Reading the gadget’s homepage is a pun-filled experience (e.g. ‘never pull out too soon or you could lose your data!’), and also quite surprising when you realise its frankly high discounted price of $20. Just don’t buy one for any prudish friends or this particular USB drive could cost you a little extra.

5. The USB Finger Drive


Image Source: Flickr

Finnish computer programmer Jerry Jalava was involved in a motorcycle accident back in 2008 which resulted in one of his fingertips being amputated and, as most people would in the same situation, quickly decided to adapt his prosthetic digit to suit his lifestyle. The result is a USB fingertip that can store up to 2GB of data and the potential, should he decide to mass-produce his design, to tap into an incredibly niche market.


  1. avatar caddy Says:

    why is # 5 offensive?

  2. avatar uberVU - social comments Says:

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Noxbru: RT @gadgetfreaks: 5 Offensive USB Flash Drives #gadgets http://bit.ly/akUt5F

  3. avatar Azher Memon Says:

    it could be offensive if the guy would applied on that finger…wat you say ?

  4. avatar TheComputingGeek Says:

    Great and entertaining post admin. A much needed giggle after a hard day! The funniest usb stick here is probably ‘The USB Penis Drive.’ Moreover, thanks for the laughter!

  5. avatar Doll Diva Says:

    The furry tail usb drive is cute.
    The rest are tacky!

  6. avatar Bystander Says:

    #5 isn’t offensive, it’s…well, just awesome! I would get one if it didn’t involve the amputation of one of my fingers.

  7. avatar Digitally Blonde – Tampon USB Says:

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