Hama Fancy Card Case For CompactFlash – Silver

Pros: robust, durable, shock absorbing interior, great colour

Con: could be a bit bulky for some

Most memory cards come with their own storage cases which may not be damage-proof. A simple solution to keeping all your compact flash cards in one place and in a safe condition is to buy the Hama Fancy Card Case for CompactFlash – Silver. This case will also prevent your memory cards from picking up dust or being damaged. If they are stored securely in the case, you can be assured that they will be in fine working condition anytime and anywhere you need them.

The Hama Fancy Card Case for CompactFlash – Silver is made from hard plastic and the interior has a shock absorbing, elastic insert that can store up to 4 compact flash memory cards. It is lightweight, stylish, and portable. So, whether you are a professional photographer who needs plenty of cards or a person shooting an event like a school function or an expedition, you will have plenty of memory with you so you will not miss that very important photo memory.

Hama Fancy Card Case For CompactFlash – Silver

Hama Fancy Card Case For CompactFlash – Silver

The case is easy to carry and can be slipped into a coat pocket, a bag, or a handbag, and all the cards will be instantly available to you in a moment. The case is large enough not to be mislaid unlike the small individual cases for memory cards. The cards are safe in all weather conditions from extreme cold to hot or rainy in the Hama Fancy Card Case for CompactFlash.


It is an ideal way to carry your memory cards while travelling or when you need to have several cards with you for quick use like when you are recording a wedding. It protects valuable cards well.

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