Transcend 2GB SD Memory Card

If you’re looking for a memory card with a decent storage capacity; an ability to fit into a variety of devices such as MP3 players, PDAs, cell phones, or digital cameras; and good transfer and write speeds, look no further. The Transcend 2GB SD Memory Card gives you all that and more because it is the least expensive 2GB memory card in its class.


The Transcend 2GB SD Memory Card has a decent write speed of 45X or 7.5 MB/s, an excellent capacity for most users at 2GB of storage, and consumes very little power which ultimately extends battery life. The easy-to-use Transcend 2GB SD Memory Card features plug and play capability, auto sleep, and power off modes as well.


This SD Memory Card also comes with an inbuilt Error Correcting Code (ECC), which detects and corrects any errors in data transfers.

Now, top this up with a mechanical write protection feature to protect those precious files and photos from accidental overwrites, and you’ve got yourself an exceptional memory device for most applications. Cell phones, PDAs Media Players, and Digital Cameras contain some of our most frequently used data; and the Transcend 2GB SD Memory Card lets you expand their capacity within a reasonable budget.


To sum it up, the Transcend 2 GB SD Memory Card stands out in terms of robustness, accuracy in data transfer, low power usage, compatibility with multiple devices, and affordability. There’s hardly anything you could ask more of a 2 GB SD card now, would you?

Check out our product page for more details and purchase options.

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