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Hama Standard PC Tool Kit

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Product Description

When your computer is in need of repair or requires a hardware upgrade of some kind, then this can often be found to be both extremely difficult and frustrating as there are numerous components all of various shapes and sizes requiring different tools to remove or adjust them. Due to this, it is not uncommon for you to find that you are missing the one tool that you need to complete the job and as a result, have to put everything on hold until you can acquire it.

This all too familiar situation can be a thing of the past when you have possession of the Hama Standard PC Tool Kit. Containing 12 pieces, all essential tools for the maintenance and repair of your computer, this handy compact kit is stored in the included handy, travelling bag for easy and convenient storage and portability. Carry it around the office with you or, if you are a professional IT technician, to various clients without the worry that any tools will be lost or damaged in the process and saving you rummaging around your bag in search of the one you want. No matter where you are, you will always have the right tool for the job to hand!

Package contents:

  • 2 cross-head screwdrivers 0 and 1
  • 2 slot-head screwdrivers (3 and 4 mm)
  • 1 torque screwdriver T-10
  • 2 socket wrenches, 4.8 mm (3/16") and 6.4 mm (1/4")
  • 1 pair of tweezers
  • 1 storage case
  • 1 IC extractor
  • 1 precision gripper
  • 1 case


Ref: 00041529

SRP*£19.00£15.20 Inc. Delivery

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I purchased the Hama Standard PC Tool Kit just before Christmas 2013 and I must say I was delighted with it. The thought that has gone into producing this tool kit is amazing! Each piece has a specific function and anyone purchasing it will soon realise there are even tools for when a screw accidentally drops down between two components . You think how am I going to get that from such a tiny space? Don't worry, your tool kit will have a component to take care of it. You will never regret your purchase!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!    by Philip Lawrence17/01/2014


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