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Animus R/C Helicopter Renegade for iOS devices

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Product Description

Watch-out overhead! Menace your family or declare war on the dog – thanks to the latest innovation from Animus the Renegade R/C Helicopter. But most importantly, it is controlled from the comfort of your iOS devide. By simply downloading and installing a free app, your helicopter can instantly be flying inside the home with an impressive (radius) of 25 ft.

Supplied fully assembled and ready-to-fly, this indoor treat has a lightweight but hugely tough body that can withstand the occasional bumpy landing and the latest rotor technology, including twin contra-rotating rotors with co-axial rotor heads, mean that this cool and sinister looking helicopter is ultra-stable and simple to fly.

Powered by a lightweight Lithium Polymer battery, the 4-channel Renegade R/C helicopter conveniently charges up using the supplied USB cable for at least ten minutes of flying time per charge.

The resistant body is ideally suited for beginners getting to grips with the controls BUT before long you'll have the whole family attempting landings on various objects around your lounge. There's even a cool LED headlight on the front of Renegade helicopter so you can find your way even in the dark, giving night-time flying a whole new experience.

Made for iPod iPhone iPad




  • Ready to fly out of the box
  • Highly manoeuvrable, easy-to-fly infra-red mini-helicopter
  • Full altitude and directional control
  • Super stable flight
  • Ultra-tough lightweight body
  • Dual propeller system
  • Suitable only for indoor use

"i-helicopter" app info:

Search "i-helicopter" available free on the App Store. This app can control the helicopter after you connect the transmitter to the audio jack and maximise the volume.

Click this button to download the UnityRemote app, a free app from the App Store designed for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

This application has 8 parts:

  1. On the left screen: This is the helicopter's throttle, it can fly the helicopter in the air by moving the throttle forward and land the helicopter when you move backward of it.
  2. On the right sceen: This function can control the helicopter's direction, you just need to move it to up, down, left or right.
  3. On the center of the bottom screen: You can use this trim function to adjust the helicopter to the left or right to prevent the helicopter rotating mid-air.
  4. On the center of the screen: Press "On" to start the controller; press "Off" to turn off the controller.
  5. The rotate button flips the screen 180-degrees right
  6. The function above this turns the helicopter's LED headlamp on and off.
  7. On the center of the top screen: This band function lets you fly more than one helicoptor without losing control. (Helicopter dependant)
  8. On the upper right corner: This function using the g-sensor allows you to control the helicopter by tilting the device back and forth thus making navigation touchless. This will disable the touchpad so be careful when enabling this feature.

Technical Details:

Control System Infared - Bands A,B and C
Control Functions Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, backward
Product Materials Steel Frame with plastic shell and fixtures
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Poly Bttery 3.7v 240mAH
Battery Life Approximately 10 Minutes
Control Distance Upto 7.6 meters
Main rotor diameter 200mm
Additional Features LED Headlamp, free to download remote control application
Product Dimensions 225mm x 50mm x 126mm

Package Contents:

  • Animus Renegade RC Helicopter
  • 2 x Tail Rotor blades (spares)
  • Replacement main rotor blade (fixing kit)
  • USB charger cable
  • Transmitter
  • User manual

iOS Compatibility:


iPhone 4/4S


iPhone 3GS


iPod touch
(4th generation)


iPod touch
(3rd generation)

iPad 2 Icon.png

iPad 2

iPad 2 Icon.png iPad
(1st generation)



SRP*£59.97£29.99 Inc. Delivery

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