Insert your own photos into this Peepcard Fridge Magnet featuring an authentic Bamforth postcard and you'll instantly be transported back in time to the classic British seaside.

Paladone,s new licensed range for 2012 reflects the cheeky holiday humour encapsulated in the vintage postcards produced by Bamforth throughout the twentieth century.  Very British, with a saucy wink to the more salacious side of life, their Bamforth range aims to bring the delights of the seaside to your home. Featuring iconic characters from the Bamforth Collection, the  products in this range will appeal to those with fond memories of the postcards or younger generations who love their retro charm.


  • Magnetic rubber fridge magnet
  • Bamforth cheeky beach scene
  • Takes 2 passport photos
  • Dimension: 13x18 cm

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Bamforth Magnetic Peepcard Fridge Magnet

By Paladone

ID: 23369
  • £4.52
  • £3.62

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At a glance

  • Bamforth Cheeky Beach Scene -fridge magnet
  • Holds two passport size phots

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