No longer the preserve of crusty old men in the corner of your local, Drinking Dominoes is a new twist on the classic pub game.  In this version the spots have been replaced by pictures of various drinks: pints of beer, cocktails and bottles of wine to name but a few. Each drink relates to a number of spots, for example half a pint equals 1 spot, a gin and tonic equals 2 spots and a full pint equals 5 spots. This allows the game to be played just as a normal game of dominoes but you may like to liven things up by incorporating the consumption of alcohol.

Drinking Dominoes includes 28 tiles. The basic rules involve choosing seven tiles and taking turns with your opponent to lay them on the table so that one of your drink images matches with one of the drink images on the preceding tile. Whenever you or an opponent are forced to pass, a drink should be taken. You can invent your own rules as to how much but please drink sensibly! Pub nights will never be the same again.


  • Dominoes updated for the 21st century
  • A new twist on the classic pub game
  • Play normal dominoes or new drinking dominoes
  • Includes 28 plastic domino tiles
  • Rules and instructions included
  • Number of Game Players: 2 to 4


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Drinking Dominoes

By Paladone

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At a glance

  • Drinking Dominoes Game
  • A new twist on a classic pub game
  • Suitable for 2 -4 players?

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