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Hexbug Nano - Micro Robotic Creatures (Random Colour)

Putting the 'micro' in Micro Robotic CreaturesHow small can you go? Using common locomotion principles (see "H..

£3.99 £5.30

Hexbug Nano V2 Infinity Loop Kit - Gravity Defying Hexbugs (Various Colours)

This mega kit includes a double loop for the Nano V2 to explore! We are thrilled to introduce an all new breed..

£15.29 £20.33

Hexbug Original - Micro Robotic Creatures (Random Colour)

  • Crawling bugs
  • Bump sensor feelers help it avoid obstacles
  • Change its direction by clapping or making noise
  • Fits in your hand
  • Batteries included

£7.60 £10.11

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