Fitness Monitors

Hama PM-Pro Pedometer - Blue

  • Hama PM-Pro Pedometer - Blue
  • Count your 10,000 steps each day
  • Also measures distance and calories burned
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight

£12.69 £15.86

Overboard Waterproof Dry Pouch 1 Litre Black

  • Overboard Waterproof Dry Pouch 1 Litre Black
  • Keep your valuables safe.
  • Great for on the beach, camping or in a boat
  • Made from waterproof fabric and TPU lined

£57.82 £76.91

Lifetrak Bright R450 - Black / Fresia Yellow Fitness Monitor

At a Glance Life Tracking: Fitness at a whole new level. Health and fitness is more than activity. It's a..

£71.69 £95.35

Lifetrak Bright R450 - White / Orchid

At a Glance Life Tracking: Fitness at a whole new level. Health and fitness is more than activity. It's a..

£71.69 £95.35

Lifetrak Core C200 - White / Pistachio

At a Glance Basic doesn't have to mean boring. Our Lifetrak Core C200 is always hard at work, providing a ..

£32.87 £43.71

Lifetrak Move C300 - Black / Woodland Green

  • App connected activity.
  • You don't need to spend big bucks to get what you want.
  • Our LifeTrak Move C300 gives you everything you need from a waterproof fitness tracker: accurate heart rate, steps, distance, calories and durability, plus Bluetooth capability, that won't break the bank.
  • One-year battery means you never have to recharge.
  • Expand your fitness horizon with one great app, LifeTrak.
  • You get days, weeks, months, and years of data storage with a bright, easy to use layout.
  • A simple sync process gives you deeper insight into your well-being, and detailed charts give you the ability to take control of your health.

£42.56 £56.61

Lifetrak Zone C410W - White / Orchid

  • Automatic sleep tracking, app connected.
  • Advanced sleep tracking for maximum health benefits.
  • Our LifeTrak Zone line unites the best features of fitness trackers into awesome health tools.
  • Both Zone C410 and C410w (arctic white/orchid) combine accurate heart rate for precise calories, steps, and distance, plus clear-cut automatic sleep monitoring and Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Sync to our LifeTrak app to see detailed sleep charts, or go simple and view your sleep right on your tracker.
  • The cherry on top? You never have to recharge; our battery lasts one year.
  • With the LifeTrak Zone C410, 24/7 tracking really is 24/7.
  • You get all day, all night monitoring and long-term data storage together, creating tracker harmony.

£55.48 £73.79

Smart Health Unisex Walking Style Fitness Monitor Black

At a Glance

  • Smart Health Walking STYLE Heart Rate Watch
  • Put it on. Start walking!
  • Automatic tracking
  • EKG Accurate Heart Rate
  • Advanced calorie Measurement
  • 1-Day Memory
  • Easy Setup

£18.11 £24.09

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